Building a Culture for Team Success

Great teams are the building blocks of successful organisations. Highly cohesive teams that appreciate and celebrate each other’s strengths and differences have greater teamwork skills, productivity, and engagement at work.

Would you describe your team as highly cohesive?

Create clear and practical action plans
Decrease absence and turnover
Drive team performance and results

Do your teams celebrate each other’s differences or do these create conflict?

While diverse teams are more productive and perform better, they are also more likely to experience intra-team conflict and communication barriers in the workplace.

• Has team culture tanked?
• Wondering how to work across cultures, languages, and generations?
• Need more trust and respect in your teams?
• Intra-team conflicts stalling progress and results?
• Teams lacking motivation, direction, or alignment?
• Want to take your teams from good to great?

When team culture and relationships break down, so do many of the fundamental things for team success.

Getting to the heart of what’s affecting their performance can help.

Solve the challenges of Team Effectiveness with The Colour

Cut your stress in half

Managing a team can be full-on without having to play peacekeeper or find solutions to everyone’s problems. When teams understand and appreciate each other’s differences, it leads to less conflict, greater collaboration, and better problem-solving.

Remove communication barriers and silos

Whether it is mixed generations, cultures, or different communication styles, these differences can become a barrier to effective communication and teamwork. We will provide your team with a common language to help enhance communication and avoid misunderstandings.

Create teams people love to be a part of

By identifying and solving team challenges and issues and creating an environment where individuals’ strengths and differences are understood and valued, your absences and turnover will plummet. You’ll also attract higher quality people to your teams.

Hit your team targets and goals

Without a clear direction, purpose, or vision, a team can’t utilise the unique power of its individuals’ strengths or achieve the team’s collective potential. We will work with you to get your team aligned with team priorities, so you achieve your goals.

Make hybrid or remote work, work

Remote communications between teams such as email, Zoom, and teleconferences can be a minefield of potential conflict. Gain new mutual respect and trust within your team that transcends physical and virtual borders.

Discovering Team Effectiveness improves the way your people work together in a rapidly changing world.

Here’s how we do it

Starting with self-and-other-awareness, we help each team member understand their personal style of work, how their colleagues prefer to work, and how these individual and team preferences affect the team dynamic and overall performance. This makes the learning uniquely personal and applicable to the real world, right from the start.

We help teams:

• Adopt a common language.
• Understand the team’s strengths and potential areas of development.
• Build team direction, purpose, and vision.
• Break down interpersonal barriers and navigate conflict

So they can:

• Diagnose and confront problems.
• Create clear and actionable plans that accelerate the team’s progress.
• Continue to operate, learn, and continuously improve collectively.
• Create a high performing culture of team success.

Who’s it for?

• Newly formed or recently merged teams
• Teams who lack direction, purpose, or vision
• Effective teams who want to become high performing
• Teams where interpersonal issues are a barrier to effectiveness

How it works

This programme is tailored to your specific requirements and delivered through a combination of personal and team performance diagnostics, team workshops, and facilitated discussions. Workshops and facilitated sessions can be delivered in-person or via a virtual format. Ongoing support and resources will be provided to help you embed the learnings into your organisation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Highly recommended! My organisation have used The Colour Code for individual and team development using the Insights personality profile. The tool has been great, it’s easily understood, and the benefits are realised quickly. I particularly appreciate the expert advice and facilitation from Simon. For us, at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, this has been a very positive and valuable investment.”

Karen Aspey

Director People & Leadership, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, NZ

“Simon’s Colour Code workshops were invaluable. After such a tough year with Covid, it was hugely beneficial for our team to take the time to complete the Insights programme and consider our differences and how we can best work together. Simon has a great facilitation style, and I highly recommend this workshop to any organisations looking to maximise interpersonal communication and team dynamics.”

Caitlin Pieterson

Business Support Manager, Cure Kids, New Zealand
“Great interactive team building course, well prepared by Simon and the execution was engaging and fun. The team learnt a lot about each other’s different communication styles.”

Leitia Harding

Chief Executive, Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ

Unlock the potential of your teams

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About Nick

Director of The Colour Code

Nick first fell in love with Insights Discovery in 2013 when he was working in Training and Development for a global healthcare company. He’s been a passionate Trainer and Advocate for Insights Discovery ever since, so when the opportunity came up to deliver Insights Discovery to organisations in New Zealand and establish The Colour Code he jumped at the chance.

Nick is from the UK and spent eight years in Australia working in national/regional training roles before settling in Queenstown where he supports clients in the South Island and Wellington.

Nick blends a preference for Earth Green and Sunshine Yellow energy, which greatly informs his enthusiastic approach to training and his ability to connect with others.

About Simon

Director of The Colour Code

Simon first completed the Insights Discovery programme working at Pfizer almost 20 years ago. He found it invaluable and since then the training has had an ongoing influence on his career. As an Accredited Practitioner Simon has seen Insights Discovery deliver tangible, practical results throughout sales, consultancy and management sectors.

Insights has garnered worldwide success from global corporates right through to small businesses and Simon is excited to introduce this to New Zealand through The Colour Code. He is based in the Bay of Plenty and supports clients in the North Island.

Simon’s Insights Discovery profile shows a preference for Cool Blue and Earth Green energy. This profile explains why he appreciates the accuracy and validity of Insights along with the great results it generates for businesses. He is passionate about how Insights can genuinely help people with different aspects of their lives.