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Client loyalty is key. Are you giving your customers what they really need or are you missing the mark? Uncover the secrets to Sales Effectiveness with The Colour Code.

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Accelerate the sales process
Increase customer satisfaction

Your customers deserve much more than a one size fits all approach.

Sales isn’t a numbers game, it’s about relationships

The key to success in any organisation or industry is in the strength of the relationships people build. When customer-facing staff become focused on sales and not relationships, it’s a slippery slope. Because what actually matters is customer satisfaction – when customers aren’t happy about the service they receive from you, they’re more likely to tell their network about it.

More sales scripts are not the answer

Every single customer is unique. Customer-facing staff need to be able to interact with, and influence, a diverse range of people at a moment’s notice. Overcoming clients’ objections might take up a lot of time but more sales scripts are not the answer. We need more humans, not more robots.

What if you could understand and connect to your customers better?

Discovering Sales Effectiveness takes your sales teams from meeting targets to smashing them.

Accelerate the sales process

We’ll work with your sales team to help them understand how to adapt and connect to your customers so they can establish trust and rapport and supercharge the relationship-building process, time and time again.

Create a competitive advantage

Customers want an experience that is tailored specifically to them. No more cookie-cutter approach or have a nice day. We’ll help your sales team be able to offer that truly personalised approach that is so often missing, so your company stands out from the rest.

Leverage the power of Word of Mouth

By helping your sales team build stronger relationships with customers and stakeholders, the resulting truly excellent customer service will turn your customers into brand ambassadors for life.

Hit your sales revenue goals

We’ll give your sales team the tools to create a personal connection so they can build, influence, and maintain stronger customer relationships – ultimately, impacting your bottom line.

Equip your sales team for success with The Colour Code

Our approach

We start with what’s at the heart of your organisation – your people – by working with them to develop self-awareness and understanding of how others perceive them.

Looking at every stage of the sales cycle, we explore how the preferences and capabilities of a salesperson might impact both their strengths and challenges and how they can adapt their approach to suit any customer they deal with.

Understanding personal style at each stage of the sales cycle is key, but it’s applying the knowledge which will lead to breakthrough results.

We help sales teams:

  • Understand their sales preference indicators to achieve significant results
  • Improve their interactions with different customer types.
  • Identify and understand customers’ needs upfront, resulting in less time spent overcoming objections.
  • Create action plans for how to deal with specific customers

So that you can…

  • Build better relationships with customers and colleagues.
  • Exceed their sales goals
  • Turn customers into brand ambassadors for life.
  • Impact the bottom line.

Who’s it for?

Selling to others is something we all do. Whether you’re selling to customers, pitching ideas, or influencing stakeholders, Sales Effectiveness can help you improve and develop your communication and influence skills to help you get your message across.

How it works

Every organisation is different. We tailor our sales training programmes to meet the specific business challenges of your organisation and meet the needs of your salespeople. We deliver our training through a combination of educational tools, team and individual performance diagnostics, interactive workshops, facilitated coaching sessions, and ongoing support to help embed the learnings into your organisation

What Our Clients Are Saying

We wanted to help our team have a better understanding and appreciation for different ways of communicating. We were after a fun and interactive way to gain more awareness of ourselves and learn about others. The Insights Discovery profiling tool was a great option as it allowed our team to not only be more considerate of how to effectively communicate with other members of the team, but it also gave them an understanding of how they as individuals tend to communicate, something that can be hard to self-articulate. Working with Simon from The Colour Code was painless. We had a few meetings prior to beginning where he made an effort to understand our communication pain points within the company. From there, after the assessment period we had our first few sessions over video call and a final half day session as a team with Simon in person. Simon was very accommodating to fit around our peoples busy schedules and logistically there was very little to worry about.

The team took what they learnt from the sessions on board immediately. It’s created a common language within the office where people now happily banter with each other about how they’re feeling ‘red’ today or ‘I did this to help cater to your blue side’. Its also helped our team understand others outside of the office on a better level as they can discuss what colour they think a customer or supplier is and how best to work with them. We’ve had new people on board since our initial workshop and we’ve started to make sure the profile assessment is part of their onboarding to the company too.

Overall, well worth the investment! Thanks Simon.

Jarod Thorpe

Chief Executive, Venture Developments, NZ

Ready to equip your salespeople with the tools they need to impact customer relationships?

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About Nick

Director of The Colour Code

Nick first fell in love with Insights Discovery in 2013 when he was working in Training and Development for a global healthcare company. He’s been a passionate Trainer and Advocate for Insights Discovery ever since, so when the opportunity came up to deliver Insights Discovery to organisations in New Zealand and establish The Colour Code he jumped at the chance.

Nick is from the UK and spent eight years in Australia working in national/regional training roles before settling in Queenstown where he supports clients in the South Island and Wellington.

Nick blends a preference for Earth Green and Sunshine Yellow energy, which greatly informs his enthusiastic approach to training and his ability to connect with others.

About Simon

Director of The Colour Code

Simon first completed the Insights Discovery programme working at Pfizer almost 20 years ago. He found it invaluable and since then the training has had an ongoing influence on his career. As an Accredited Practitioner Simon has seen Insights Discovery deliver tangible, practical results throughout sales, consultancy and management sectors.

Insights has garnered worldwide success from global corporates right through to small businesses and Simon is excited to introduce this to New Zealand through The Colour Code. He is based in the Bay of Plenty and supports clients in the North Island.

Simon’s Insights Discovery profile shows a preference for Cool Blue and Earth Green energy. This profile explains why he appreciates the accuracy and validity of Insights along with the great results it generates for businesses. He is passionate about how Insights can genuinely help people with different aspects of their lives.