Employee Engagement
White Paper

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Employee Engagement

White Paper

For a lot of forward-thinking companies and organisations, one of the key priorities for the HR and leadership team is focussing on employee engagement.

Many of us understand the correlation between engagement and happiness at work or job satisfaction, however what has driven engagement to the fore is the very real effect it has on business performance. Amongst other things, improved engagement can improve productivity, decrease turnover and boost revenue.

So what is employee engagement and how do we improve the engagement of our team?

We can see that engagement can vary across the globe. A global survey of 6 million employees by the Hay Group (2013) found that 65 percent of UK employees are engaged. This is below average worldwide and way below countries such as US (72%), Austria (76%), Spain (72%), Netherlands (71%), Italy (69%), Canada (69%) and Belgium (69%). The study also found that the average engagement level in high performing companies globally was 73%.

A 2011 survey by the Office for National Statistics found that on a worker-to-worker productivity basis, the UK is 20 percentage points lower than the average of the G7 industrialised nations. This is a staggering figure; however the UK is less than two percent less engaged that the average G7 country.

So, is the correlation between engagement and productivity that close? Or are there other things affecting the productivity in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

In this white paper the relationship between engagement and productivity will be explored alongside an examination of what employee engagement actually is, its pre-determinants, and impact on organisations.

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