Becoming an Authentic Leader

Great leaders are critical for maintaining a productive culture. But getting everyone on the same page, inspiring others, unifying remote or hybrid teams, communicating in a way that works for everyone can be hard – especially in challenging times.

Unlock the power of Leadership Effectiveness with The Colour Code

Inspire others to excel
Unify your team
Generate excellent, sustained results

Are “leadership problems” at your company making it hard to maintain a productive culture?

  • Feel like you are barely treading water or worse, sinking?
  • Unsure how to show up as a leader, authentically?
  • Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of leadership?
  • Struggling to attract, retain, and truly understand your staff?
  • Wondering how to inspire others to succeed?
  • Relying on a one-size-fits-all leadership style?
Building transformational leaders is the cornerstone of a successful organisation.

Don’t leave it to chance.

Developing your self-awareness with The Colour Code will make you a better leader and grow your business

Working with The Colour Code, you’ll discover your Leadership Effectiveness and improve your leadership attributes to inspire success and performance in your team.

Address the leadership capability gap

Despite being an essential skill for implementing company strategy, leadership training is often left to chance. We help leaders to see themselves more clearly – where they’re excelling, where they’re sinking and where they’re just treading water.

Create a motivated and diverse team

Overcome the unique challenges of an increasingly diverse workplace and a rapidly changing environment, by learning to adapt your leadership style to an individual’s needs and motivations.

Achieve maximum impact and influence

Gain a deeper appreciation for your own leadership preferences and how this impacts the perception of other people to maintain a productive culture, create maximum impact, and influence stakeholders.

Hit your revenue goals

Teams will become more aligned, engaged, and productive as you create a tangible vision for success enabling you to achieve your goals.

Realise the business of the future

Good leadership is about more than mastering a set of management skills. We’ll help you become the best leader you can be to produce results whatever the business climate.

Unlock the power of Leadership Effectiveness with The Colour Code

Our Approach

Our leadership program focuses on improving leadership attributes to inspire success and performance in a team. By developing self-awareness, leaders learn to recognise their personal leadership style and strengths, and how this impacts the perception of their staff. But good leadership isn’t one size fits all. By recognising the personal styles of others – those they lead, their peers, and their own managers – leaders will be able to adapt their approach to suit each person.

We help leaders

  • Adapt their style to create a focused, motivated and diverse team
  • Inspire those around them to excel in challenging times
  • Adapt their personal style to create maximum impact and influence stakeholders

So that they can

  • Support their team and maintain a productive culture
  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Attract, retain, and truly understand a diverse workforce

Who’s it for?

Whether you are a newly promoted manager or leader, a senior executive, or a leader at any level of an organisation, you can improve your leadership attributes and strengths by increasing your self-awareness.

How it works

Every organisation is different. We tailor our leadership development solutions to meet the specific business challenges of your organisation and these can be designed to meet the needs of senior leaders, new managers, or aspiring leaders. Our programmes are delivered through a combination of educational tools, interactive workshops, facilitated teamwork, one on one coaching, and ongoing support to help embed the learnings into your organisation.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Simon offers a wonderful executive training that taught us how to understand and embrace our differences and work more cohesively as a team. We are all moving so quickly and the awareness of the colour codes and approaching things differently has expedited agreements and internal operating protocols while increasing our own self-awareness.”

Head of Customer Success, Remo, USA

“Simon is an excellent facilitator and has access to the right management tools to assist companies of all sizes….Pleasure to work with…”

Mark Irving

Business Partnership Manager, Priority One, NZ

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About Nick

Director of The Colour Code

Nick first fell in love with Insights Discovery in 2013 when he was working in Training and Development for a global healthcare company. He’s been a passionate Trainer and Advocate for Insights Discovery ever since, so when the opportunity came up to deliver Insights Discovery to organisations in New Zealand and establish The Colour Code he jumped at the chance.

Nick is from the UK and spent eight years in Australia working in national/regional training roles before settling in Queenstown where he supports clients in the South Island and Wellington.

Nick blends a preference for Earth Green and Sunshine Yellow energy, which greatly informs his enthusiastic approach to training and his ability to connect with others.

About Simon

Director of The Colour Code

Simon first completed the Insights Discovery programme working at Pfizer almost 20 years ago. He found it invaluable and since then the training has had an ongoing influence on his career. As an Accredited Practitioner Simon has seen Insights Discovery deliver tangible, practical results throughout sales, consultancy and management sectors.

Insights has garnered worldwide success from global corporates right through to small businesses and Simon is excited to introduce this to New Zealand through The Colour Code. He is based in the Bay of Plenty and supports clients in the North Island.

Simon’s Insights Discovery profile shows a preference for Cool Blue and Earth Green energy. This profile explains why he appreciates the accuracy and validity of Insights along with the great results it generates for businesses. He is passionate about how Insights can genuinely help people with different aspects of their lives.