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We help your people to communicate, collaborate and motivate each other to achieve optimal results. By delivering Insights Discovery to your business, we highlight individual strengths, establish communication frameworks and assist in building strong cultures.

The Colour Code is the official partner of Insights Discovery in New Zealand.

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Insights Discovery is a globally recognised psychometric tool inspired by the work of clinical psychologist Carl Jung. It is registered with the British Psychological Society for Occupational Development.

The Colour Code utilises Insights Discovery to assist individuals, teams and managers to perform at their best, overcome work challenges and achieve results.

It provides a framework that is simple and impactful, building effective relationships by enabling people to understand themselves and value differences in others. This knowledge is embedded through our interactive workshops providing real personal breakthroughs.

Where can this lead?

  • Increase personal and team effectiveness
  • Enhance client relationships and sales results
  • Develop your leadership capabilities
  • Help people adapt to change
  • Drive employee engagement
  • Support diversity & inclusion
Sunshine Yellow
Sunshine Yellow

Sociable | Dynamic | Demonstrative | Enthusiastic | Persuasive

Earth Green
Earth Green

Caring | Encouraging | Sharing | Patient | Relaxed

Fiery Red
Fiery Red

Competitive | Demanding | Determined | Strong-Willed | Purposeful

Cool Blue
Cool Blue

Cautious | Precise | Deliberate | Questioning | Formal

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Your Insights Discovery Personal Profile

Your journey begins with a unique and in-depth personal profile that is an essential development tool, delivering valuable insights. The Foundation Chapter provides the basis to unlock your personal effectiveness, challenge your perceptions and apply learnings to maximise results for your business. It is a complete self-discovery that includes individual strengths, areas for development, communication preferences and suggestions for communicating with others.

Additional optional chapters;

  • Management: Your leadership style and how you are managed effectively.
  • Effective Selling: Where you excel and how you can develop this to further influence others.
  • Personal Achievement: Personalised learning and development to support your growth.
  • Interview: Generating searching questions to challenge your thinking.

Our Solutions

Discover the key to Personal Effectiveness with The Colour Code

What if you could understand your individual power to achieve your maximum potential?

Discovering Personal Effectiveness establishes deep self-awareness which is critical for personal success. You will learn about yourself and others to enhance communication and teamwork, increasing respect and achieving tangible results. It provides diverse teams with a common language, leading to more productive relationships, communication and understanding.

Establish working relationships which are vehicles for business success.

  • Understand the impact of your personal style.
  • Achieve success through building strong partnerships.
  • Improve communications and minimise conflict with others.

Unlock Potential

Solve the challenges of Team Effectiveness with The Colour Code

What if you could mobilise the diversity of your team to impact their collective capabilities?

Discovering Team Effectiveness harnesses the unique power of the team to achieve excellent combined results. Delve deeper into how your team communicates, motivates and celebrates each other’s differences to enhance culture and understanding.  Appreciate your team’s collective strengths and weaknesses to help overcome the barriers to effective collaboration and performance.

Providing an easily adopted common language for diverse teams to impact understanding and performance.

  • Build team direction, purpose and vision.
  • Help effective teams achieve more.
  • Breakdown interpersonal barriers and navigate conflict.

Unlock Potential

Uncover the secrets to Sales Effectiveness with The Colour Code

What if you could understand your customers better?

Discovering Sales Effectiveness takes your sales teams from meeting targets to smashing them.  Understand your sales preference indicators to achieve significant results.  An effective sales process where you understand how to adapt and connect to your customer is critical in building trust and rapport. This helps demonstrate value to your customers and impacts your bottom line.

Give your salespeople the tools they need to impact customer relationships.

  • Understand your personal style at each stage of the sales cycle.
  • Build better relationships with customers and stakeholders.
  • Create action plans for how to deal with challenging customers.

Unlock Potential

Unlock the power of Leadership Effectiveness with The Colour Code

What would you accomplish if you unlocked the collective potential of your team?

Discovering Leadership Effectiveness improves leadership attributes to inspire success and performance in your team.  Appreciate the importance of both managing and being managed by appealing to individual needs and motivations.  You will gain a deeper appreciation for your own leadership preferences and how this impacts the perception of your staff.  This is critical to maintaining a productive culture.

Develop your leadership awareness to support your team.

  • Adapt your style to create a focused, motivated and diverse team.
  • Inspire those around you to excel in challenging times.
  • Adapt your personal style to create maximum impact and influence stakeholders.

Unlock Potential

Unlock free resources from Insights Discovery

Discovery more insights by downloading our white papers, articles and e-books on: Self-Awareness, Employee Engagement, Teamwork, Leadership Development and Change Management.

Simon Fowler


About Simon

Nick Fifield


About Nick

About The Colour Code

New Zealand’s official Insights Discovery partner

The Colour Code is the licenced distributor of Insights Discovery for New Zealand, with licensed practitioners available across the country. Brought together through a mutual belief in Insights Discovery, The Colour Code has over 25 years combined experience impacting business outcomes with this tool.

Through utilising Insights Discovery, first as corporate clients and then as licenced practitioners, The Colour Code has direct experience of successful implementation and the results generated from this program. Now it’s your opportunity to benefit from The Colour Code’s knowledge, passion and experience of Insights Discovery.

We are proud and committed to represent Insights Discovery in New Zealand and share the impact it has had on us and our careers.

Case Study 1

Global Praise for Insights Discovery

“Insights Discovery has encouraged thinking about how others instinctively tackle our world”

Head of Audit, International Sales & Marketing, Astra Zeneca

Case Study 2

Global Praise for Insights Discovery

“Insights has enabled individuals to see the world from a different perspective making us a more agile business”

Organisational Development Manager, Danone

Case Study 3

Global Praise for Insights Discovery

“It is life changing and the teams that I’ve worked with have a new language”

Safeguarding Strategic Lead, NHS UK

Case Study 4

Global Praise for Insights Discovery

“These teams are constantly in contact with our customers, so it was imperative that they realised the vital role they play and we have achieved that”

Customer Service and Supply Manager, Phillips


Start your journey of discovery with The Colour Code

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South Island Office: +64 21 733 478
About Nick

Director of The Colour Code

Nick first fell in love with Insights Discovery in 2013 when he was working in Training and Development for a global healthcare company. He’s been a passionate Trainer and Advocate for Insights Discovery ever since, so when the opportunity came up to deliver Insights Discovery to organisations in New Zealand and establish The Colour Code he jumped at the chance.

Nick is from the UK and spent eight years in Australia working in national/regional training roles before settling in Queenstown where he supports clients in the South Island and Wellington.

Nick blends a preference for Earth Green and Sunshine Yellow energy, which greatly informs his enthusiastic approach to training and his ability to connect with others.

About Simon

Director of The Colour Code

Simon first completed the Insights Discovery programme working at Pfizer almost 20 years ago. He found it invaluable and since then the training has had an ongoing influence on his career. As an Accredited Practitioner Simon has seen Insights Discovery deliver tangible, practical results throughout sales, consultancy and management sectors.

Insights has garnered worldwide success from global corporates right through to small businesses and Simon is excited to introduce this to New Zealand through The Colour Code. He is based in the Bay of Plenty and supports clients in the North Island.

Simon’s Insights Discovery profile shows a preference for Cool Blue and Earth Green energy. This profile explains why he appreciates the accuracy and validity of Insights along with the great results it generates for businesses. He is passionate about how Insights can genuinely help people with different aspects of their lives.